How the Kenyan Government should promote entrepreneurship

It’s a no brainer that the Kenyan Government should promote entrepreneurship. But Governments usually don’t know how to handle small businesses. HerBusiness takes a look at how to fix this relationship.

Much has been said about how the Kenyan Government should promote entrepreneurship. The Government has repeatedly come out to say that it’s committed to this. It even has entrepreneurship as one of the key pillars to realizing the great goal that is Vision 2030. Read More

Counties should promote entrepreneurship

As counties try to find their feet in these early stages of devolution, there is need for the businesses to establish ways to engage county officials to solve issues that affect the business environment, productivity and competitiveness.

So far, very few county governments have had meetings with representatives of the private sector with the exception of a few governors, while in some counties, the county cabinets are not in place. Read More

Some Steps to Promote Your Business at County Fairs and State Fairs

There’s nowhere quite like a county fair. In small towns across America, they’re usually the highlight of the summer. But county fairs aren’t just for rural farmers — and they’ve got a lot more to offer than petting zoos and pie eating contests.

County fairs and state fairs are also crucial opportunities with which to extend your brand reach and connect with a diverse range of would-be customers. Read More